The Clinical Specialist in physiotherapy effectively uses and contributes to research to advance practice. You can fulfill the requirement for involvement in research in many ways.

Below are some examples of research experience in formal and informal settings that meet the requirements outlined in the Candidate Handbook:

  • Demonstration of participation in communities of practice (for example a blog or discussion forum)
  • Lead role in journal club
  • Completion of the AGREE tool or a CAT
  • A case study
  • Implementation of results of Q&A (client satisfaction surveys, program evaluation). Subjects may include productivity, risk management, patient safety, and be addressed through the CR tool.
  • Podium and/or poster presentations in a professional forum
  • Documentation of integration of research tools (for example outcome measures, systematic reviews, surveys, CPGs) as part of practice review or analysis
  • Lead in clinical research (or other similar activity)
  • Transcript or evaluation demonstrating completion of course in research, including distance education
  • Participation in a research study (e.g., literature review, carry out a treatment protocol)
  • Authorship in a non-peer reviewed journal or a peer reviewer for a journal or collaboration

If you’re still unsure whether your research-related activity fits the requirements, please contact Tim Paquette, CPA Professional Development Manager, for more information.