We are happy to announce the continued partnership between Canadian Physiotherapy Association and VIA Rail Canada.

CPA members are entitled to a 5% discount every time they travel with VIA Rail Canada.

Our corporate discount code is: 820056. The corporate rate applies for all destinations, and all fare categories, except for the Escape fare and Prestige. Please use the corporate discount whenever traveling with VIA Rail, so that we can capture this revenue.

Moreover, this discount applies to your leisure travels (on top of your professionaltravels). You can have up to 3 people (friends, family, colleagues) traveling with you and they also benefit from the discount, as long as you are traveling with them from point A to point B. For all corporate travel please refer to our Travel Management Company.

Remember to have with you your employee ID or business card along with a government photo ID when you travel.

In order to access your discount please follow the following steps:

  1. Visit www.viarail.ca
  2. Create your personal profile adding in the corporate discount code:820056 (If you already have a profile add the corporate discount code to your passenger information page on your personal profile)
  3. Start shopping for your discount tickets (Remember this does not include the Escape and Prestige Fares)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the CPA.

Safe travels!