Clinical specialty area: Musculoskeletal

Years in Practice: 28

Two years dedicated to prepare and compete at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Susan competed as an athlete at the 1998 Olympics in long track speed skating.

Areas of Interest:  Orthopaedic Sports Physical Therapist, Movement is Medicine. Susan Massitti is an orthopaedic sports physical therapist whose expertise has helped Olympic and recreational athletes.  Susan is dedicated to working together with her clients to achieve optimal health and potential.

Passionate about “movement as medicine” Susan integrates her experience as a Pilate’s instructor, mother of 2 active boys and an Olympian to inspire movement. Susan has worked as a physical therapist at three Summer Olympics, two Winter Olympics, the 2011 Youth Commonwealth Games and many international sporting events including being Chief Therapist at the 2006 Figure Skating World Championships!

Hobbies: Experiencing life through movement, music and art, hiking, yoga, running, cycling (road, mountain, unicycling), skiing (cross-country,  alpine, water) , and pilates,  exploring cultures and learning  new languages.

I wanted peer feedback and I was curious what the “specialization” process involved.   

Where do you hope to see the profession in 25 years?

I hope to see Physiotherapists’ skills and expertise leading as primary health care providers’ innovative strategies to benefit our society’s wellness.

Why did you choose to become a clinical specialist?

I wanted peer feedback and I was curious what the “specialization” process involved. 

How do you feel the clinical specialization role has changed your practice? 

Clinical specialization has not changed my practise significantly.  It confirms that we as physiotherapists need to have a presence outside our profession, to continue to educate other medical team people, insurers, and the public so that the clinical specialist’s “role” is significant, recognized and acknowledged by all.

Biography I started my university studies in Business with the idea of pursuing a law degree.  I was very uncertain about the “right” career choice for me.  I  really enjoyed an anatomy course but did not like blood so decided to try Physiotherapy. After I completed my Clinical Master’s Degree at the University of Queensland really started to understand how a physiotherapist can really facilitate and empower people to be healthy and realize their potential! The opportunity and challenge to continually learn while making a difference is very rewarding. Certifications: • Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation:  The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain• Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy• Sport Physiotherapy Canada Diploma• Certificate in Medical Acupuncture• Pilates Classical Teacher-Training Diploma  I am a Course Instructor at the UBC Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation Instructor (, Sports Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) Examiner since 2000 (, National Coach’s Institute Instructor ( Opens in a new window) and a Classical Pilates Instructor.