Clinical specialty area: Musculoskeletal

Years in specialty practice area: 30

Areas of Professional interest: Manual Therapy, Occupational Health, Clinical Reasoning

What did you find most rewarding about the specialty program? 

The process of clinical reflection and reasoning.

What were your reasons for applying to the program? 

To validate the years of hard work to achieve a level of excellence in my profession and clinical area of specialty. 

Where do you hope to see the profession in 25 years? 

To have a clear and defined scope of practice that is communicated by its members and the public.

What impact do you think specialization will have on your specialty area? 

Providing a resource to both other physiotherapists and the general public.

What is the value of the specialty program to candidates? 

To help legitimize those professionals who have achieved a higher standard of care and education.

What are important things to consider for those who are interested in pursuing their clinical specialty? 

To reflect on what makes you specialized vs. competent.

What new skills or enhanced skills did you obtain going through the specialty process? 

Improved written and verbal communication.

What advice would you give to applicants going through the specialty process? 

Read the documents and contact those who have gone through the process to fully appreciate the application process.

What impact has the specialization designation had on you and your career? 

The designation has put me in contact with other professionals, researchers, lawyers, and even new clients looking for a one time assessment.