First Defence Face Masks is a Calgary-based company that produces ASTM Level 3 medical masks. The company was started with the vision of bringing critical supply chains back to Canada, where they could provide local businesses with much-needed medical supplies, while also employing Canadians to produce them. The First Defence Face Masks meet the ASTM 2100 Standard and are Health Canada approved.

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Their strategic plan will result in over 112 new jobs for Canadians and over $7.5 million invested in the Canadian economy in 2021. Having a mask made in Canada allows us to supervise the entire production process and select only the finest materials for our products. It also allows First Defence Face Masks to quickly receive feedback from customers and implement their suggestions into the production process. 

First Defence Face Masks are already well on their way to implementing their vision of using 100% Canadian-made materials. They have sourced a large supply of the important melt-blown filtration layer from a company in Alberta and are exclusively using their materials in all of their masks. 

When you wear a First Defence Face Mask, you know that you are getting the highest level of protection and a product that is made close to home. 

  • Level 3 Tested and Approved – The made-in-Canada medical masks are tested to the ASTM 2100 standard and pass
    Level 3.
  • Manufactured in Canada – The masks are made in Calgary, Alberta. This allows First Defence Face Masks to re-invest in the Canadian economy, employ Canadian workers, and impose strict quality control measures.
  • Canadian Made Filtration – The filtration layer is made in Alberta and has been tested to the ASTM 2100 standard. Sourcing materials from Canada helps First Defence Face Masks support our economy and de-risk our supply chain.