The Federal Election is fast approaching. On September 20, 2021 Canadians will have their say. Here are the CPA’s recommendations for the parties and candidates:

  • Improving coverage by insurance plans and extended health benefits providers for physiotherapy services
  • Improving access to physiotherapy services in rural, remote and underserviced communities and people
  • Increasing investments to enable access to physiotherapy in primary care, home and community care to meet the needs of Canada’s older adults.  
  • Improving access to physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for those recovering from COVID-19.
  • Advocating that government business supports are available to physiotherapy clinics/businesses recuperating from the impact of the pandemic

Want to know where each of the parties stand?

You can learn more click here to see each party’s platform and its impact on healthcare for Canadians.

Information will be updated regularly and as platform and policy announcements are made leading up to election day.